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Ehehehe...been lazy. Sorry. Might as well shut down and have y'all view us through Natty's other LJ, AAPark.


Happy Holidays From the Diamonds

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! My name is Bo C. Quinn and I'm the NEWEST Diamond Girl! :D Yes, Ian hired me as a little surprise gift for the rest of the gals. Anyways, I can't believe they didn't know how to use an embed code! D: So, anyways, you people can watch Project Runway: Bratz Finale Part 1 right here!

A bit about me...I used to be in a whole bunch of beauty pageants. You've heard about me, right? no? NO?! Joking. ;)

Okay, let's go check up on the Diamonds ( and Vynce).

Cobi: Hi, Bo! Wanna check out the holiday shots from the holiday event?

Aliana: Girl, they turned out great! :D Btw, these heels you got me are too cool!

Paloma: xD My hair looks insane!

Harlow: We even have a photo of Krystina...

Erin: You know, she's not all that bad...at least, not during the holiday season.

Nova: NOT!

Krystina: I'm right here...

Nova: Oh, we're just joking, you know that! xP

Harlow: Krystina, I love these boots!

Krystina: Same goes for these. ;)

Vynce: For you, me love. I hope we have all our problems patched up.

Paloma: Not yet. I'll go easy on you during the holiday season...btw, YOU GOT ME SOMETHING FROM VERSACE?! OMG. Thanks SO much!

Vynce: It's the least I ccan do. :)

Erin: I can't believe you got me a bag from the Wild Life collection. xP

Nova: I can't believe you got me a hat from the Wild Life collection! xD

 Aliana: Hey, why don't we show our public a little gift we have for them?

And that's that!

-Bo C. Quinn

So Sorry!

Hey, everyone! We're are all SO sorry for not posting in awhile! We've been working our butts off this holiday season! In fact, I'm ashamed to say we don't even have a tree yet this year! Great news, though! Nova got a better camera for the holidays and now you can see us better and everything! Oh, look at the time, I gotta run! I have some business to tend to. I'll have Nova take over...

- Erin

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4Ever Diamonds

Bratz Magazine Mayhem

Hey, everyone. It's Harlow reporting from the place where all the magic happens. No, not Hollywood. I'm here in the humble city of StilesVille.

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Krystina Trouble

Hey, everyone. Here be I, Paloma, all upset and all. You wanna know why?

Krystina is wreaking havoc once again. We thought she had stopped permanently, but we let our guard down. She's stolen my guy...I'm so heartbroken.


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Project Runway: Bratz



Here, here! The Project Runway: Bratz website is up now! Guess that means the Yahoo network is gonna be accepting designers and models soon...I should apply. NattySeal is running. ;D I'm sure they are still trying to work out all the bugs, though. If anyone wants to lend a helping hand, I'm sure that it will be much appreciated. Anyone who wants to make a banner would be more than welcomed...*hint*


P.S.- Crystalia is now back to Krystina. Turns out her documents weren't legal....HA!


Konichiwa, monsieurs and madamoiselles. It's your lovely Diamond Gal, Cobi!
We have lots to show you all today. Let's get started, shall we?

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A Girls' Nite In

Ni hao, senoras (and senors)! It's your lovely Diamond Gal, Erin, typing today. We're currently hanging in Great Britain.


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All in a Day's Work

Ello, ello!

This here is Nova. I'm here to share w/ you the results of our little shopping spree...

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